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Payment Terms And Condition

The product and content provided on this website is property of Cashparency and Cashparency is having copyright of all the digital product on this website. Distributing or sharing it in any digital or physical way is illegal and strict action will be taken if done so. Reselling or sharing is strictly prohibited you may charge a heavy penalty if done so this content is only and only for personal use.

You will be subscribing with us knowing fully the risk of the stock market. You shall alone be responsible for trades carried out.

No legal or otherwise liability will be fixed on us under any circumstances.

The information and material contained in these website and the terms, conditions,and descriptions that appear are subject to change without prior notice..

Their will be No refund for any of the digital Product listed on the Website. The video lecture is only for educational purpose and for personal use.sharing it in any digital physical or any way is totally illegal and strict action will be taken if done so...

Payment and Refund

All the payment including the payment made by mistakes are subject to non-refund , The payment which is made without purpose will be consider as donation for cashparency welfare. In short any payment made towards cashparency is subject to non refundable. You must agree before making any payment..

All the product and services on cashparency's store is digital hence it makes it non refundable. AS you know Cashparency only provide Digital products and services once payment made are subject to non refund. We Request You to make payment from valid payment mode and use correct credentials while making payment. 

All the products and services listed on this website is only and only for educational purposes use them at your own risk we are not responsible for any action taken by you based on any information or tool provided on this website.
All disputes related to products, services, and payments are related to Delhi jurisdiction.
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