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Stock Market Online Course

The Final call (Hindi)

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The Final call is an intraday trading pure price action video course in Hindi with back-testing results, free scanner stock selection strategy, live trading videos, options trading, and many more. No indicators or complicated software require to get started.This course is so simple even a beginner can understand and if implemented correctly it'll give you more than 80% accuracy.

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E-Lite Buy-Sell Indicator 

E-Lite Buy-Sell Indicator will help you with intraday trading and Swing Trading. The indicator is based on momentum and AI. it will let you know when to enter and when to exit in both intraday and swing trading.

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Best Swing Trading Course 

Cashparency is bringing you the all-new course for swing trading. The best part is you will get a stock selection scanner with this course so you never miss any entry or exit.

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Bank-nifty and Nifty trading strategies

Bank-nifty and Nifty trading strategies have three secret intraday trading strategies along with living trade examples. It is pure price action which means no complicated software or indicator is required for this course. 

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Gap Trading Strategy

In this course, I mainly focused on trading gaps. You will learn how you can trade the gaps for profit. You will get the most profitable gap trading strategy on the internet.

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Intraday Buy -Sell Scanner & Strategy

We are pleased to introduce you to our all-new Intraday Buy-Sell Scanner which gives you the live signals of buy-sell easy use the scanner, has an accuracy rate of 85% and is a low risk high rewarding system that works perfectly well with the cash market and all nifty and BSE stock.

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Option Buying Strategy CE-PE

In this course, we will see a simple option buying strategy. That is low risk high rewarding. This Strategy is so simple even a beginner can follow it and earn money.

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The Secret Strategy

Secret Intraday strategy with 97% accuracy is almost no loss strategy it's a single strategy that has the accuracy of more than 97% as we at Cashparency trade the same strategy at our office to make 1000 dollars per week


Tradebook Intraday Strategy

In this video course, we are going to see one of the best intraday equity future and equity option trading strategies. That has an accuracy of 85% which makes it one of the most successful intraday trading strategies on the internet.

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Bank-Nifty Fully Automatic Trading

You’ve probably heard of fully automatic trading. You’re given access to a wonderful software which works with streak and help you create a fully-automatic trading system, so you don’t have to worry about sitting in front of your computer all day to watch the market and make sure your trades are placed on time.

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Bank-Nifty Option Buying Strategy

In this video Strategy, we are going to see one of the best option buying strategy with a free tool to find the trend and also tell you the strength of the trend . In this course we mainly focus on option buying.

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Intraday algo option scalping strategy

Welcome to our comprehensive and professional fully automatic algorithmic trading course. Designed specifically for aspiring traders, this course will equip you with the necessary skills to excel in option trading through a specialized scalping strategy. Throughout the program, our focus will solely be on option buying, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of this particular approach.

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17 Ready to use Zerodha Streak Strategy

With our Zerodha Streak Strategy Bundle, you'll gain access to a curated collection of 17 battle-tested trading strategies. These strategies are not just theoretical concepts – they are ready to be copy-pasted directly into your Streak account. No more struggling to build strategies from scratch or endless hours of back-testing. You can start using them right away!

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The Options Code

Take your trading to the next level with our options trading course! Learn how to maximize profits in any market condition. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our course will help you sharpen your skills and achieve success. Enroll now!

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