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Fully Automatic Algorithmic Trading

You’ve probably heard of fully automatic trading. You’re given access to a wonderful software which works with streak and help you create a fully-automatic trading system, so you don’t have to worry about sitting in front of your computer all day to watch the market and make sure your trades are placed on time.
Contrary to popular belief, you can code a strategy without coding using Streak! In this course we will teach you how you can code a strategy without coding using streak. You will learn to create a strategy back-test it modify it and execute it fully automatic. We will use back-test data and step by step video guide to help you understand the steps and ensure that by the end of the course you are proficient in Streak .
What You will get inside?
  1. Banknifty Option Buying strategy on streak.

  2. Banknifty Price action strategy created on streak.

  3. Software to fully automate streak strategies.

  4. We will also see some of the stock trading strategies.

  5. Step by step video on creating strategies on streak.

Who is this course for?

Complete beginners can also get the benefit from this.
For someone who is looking to have hands-on algo trading .
For the experienced trader who is trading multiple strategy. 
Its for everyone who wanted to trade with algorithms.
You only need a laptop(any laptop) with chrome and internet.

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We are working on this and will come back with better strategy

See Bank-nifty algorithmic (Fully  Automatic) Trading In Action ↓↓↓
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