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Dear valued buyer,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our product. We wish to inform you of a significant update to the user interface (UI) of Streak. Please be aware that the Streak free version, available for Zerodha users, may not fully support dynamic option contracts due to these changes. However, if you are subscribed to a different plan and utilizing the Streak premium version, dynamic contracts might be compatible.

Please note that transparency regarding this matter is crucial, and for further detailed information, we recommend reaching out directly to the Streak support team.

In the interim, we encourage you to consider purchasing for educational and informational purposes, utilizing it for learning experiences. Alternatively, explore our comprehensive range of other products and services via the following

Additionally, feel free to explore our YouTube channel for insightful content.

Should you decide to proceed with your purchase, rest assured that there is always an opportunity for learning and growth inherent in its use.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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