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The Stock Market Podcast

Hello and welcome to Cashparency. The Cashparency family would like to welcome you to our all-new podcast on the stock market. So this podcast is all about talking about the stock market. So you would be fascinated to come across many interesting facts about the stock market like how Risk/Reward Ratio has more importance than win-loss %, how staying relaxed helps increase your productivity in trading, and the importance of trading with one strategy with discipline. The key to success in trading is sticking to your plan and trading like a robot in terms of mastering your emotions. The main idea discussed in this video is to have the simplest trading system and this is the sign of a successful trader. So the red flag that you will find in the stock market is revenge trading. It not only adds up to your losses but even blows up your account so this is where you have to be careful of where you run to. We would like to appreciate your patience and keep connecting to Cashparency.

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