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Story of A million-dollar smile

This is something that has caught my eye as I was going through the photos from one of our donation campaigns. The happiness that is seen on the innocent faces of these children is priceless. It is true that you can make millions of dollars but a million dollar smile definitely overshadows it and this smile will cost you your entire life, Me the C.E.O of Cashparency (Shahid Pravej) is feeling lucky enough to get this chance of bringing a smile to an innocent face

I would like to thanks all the Cashparency member without them it's nearly impossible for us to have these opportunities

Life is all about making an impact income is made by anyone impact and making someone happy is way more difficult than making paper notes

the impact has values that will go on lifelong.

Here are some updates from our food packet distribution campaign. We distributed Food packets on to poor, Homeless and destitute on 10th April around the railway station and bus stand areas of Chennai.

Thanks a lot for your support.

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