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Bank-Nifty Option Algo trading strategy using zerodha streak.

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

In this Blog, we are going to see a video where I created an algorithmic trading strategy to trade bank nifty. This comes with the idea of combining two traditional price action systems that is ORB and PRB, If you are in the market for a while you might be familiar with these two word. If you are not then let me explain it to you in a simple way ORB means opening range breakout which simply means when the price move above or below of opening range of let's say 15 min then we consider the breakout or breakdown kindly note the opening range time varied from trader to trade some of them consider 5min some consider 15 and other 90min, Like Orb there is another price action concept that is PRB (Previous day range breakout) as the name suggest its nothing but when the price breaks up or breaks down from the high or low of the previous day we consider it as PRB.

What will be the results if we combine the Opening range breakout with the previous day's range breakout?

With this thought, We have conducted an experiment.

To Conduct this experiment I will be using the bank-nifty the most traded and volatile instrument.

So the question is how are we gonna do that

We will be writing codes for bank-nifty spots and once the criteria are Fulfilled we will be executing as Option Trade.

Please watch this video to see how we conducted the experiment and what are the results.


In this table, you can get month wise profit given by this strategy.



31 JAN TO 28 FEB


​1 MAR TO 30 MAR


31 MAR TO 29 APR


30 APR TO 29 MAY


30 MAY TO 28 JUN


29 JUN TO 28 JUL


29 JUL TO 27 AUG


28 AUG 26 SEP


27 SEP TO 26 OCT


26 OCT TO 27 NOV


Here is the Link to the streak Strategy - Access Strategy

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