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The Expiry Day Strategy Episode-2

Hi and welcome to Cashparency, we bring you with our all-new video on ‘The Expiry Day Episode-2’ with a 244.7% Return. So as you must be aware that this is the second episode on Expiry Date so let me just give you a short brief on what we have previously covered. So in our first episode, we talked about how I generated a 250% return on capital, the best way to approach the options, the options and strategy, followed by the live trading. So the topic of your interest would be what we are going to talk about TODAY. So this video will feature a live example of how we took today’s expiry, trade, and experiments, then I will be giving you my personal view on the upcoming trading day and what it needs for you to get started with the stock market. We will also be talking about Covid-19 and measures we should be taking to keep ourselves safe. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the talk of the town that is the reason about why we have stopped our WhatsApp support.

We appreciate your patience and would like little cooperation from your side by maintaining this patience for the email replies as we promise to get back to you on the given stipulated time.

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