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How to invest in cryptocurrency in India?

A very warm welcome to all the viewers of Cashparency. Cryptocurrency has been a talk of the town in the past few months if you have been following the news. We are bringing you a video on how to buy cryptocurrency or Bitcoins in India. We would like to assure our investors not to be disheartened that you need a have a huge amount to buy bitcoins in India, you can buy bitcoins for a minimum of Rs 50 too. You can invest in Doge coins too. So what are the prerequisite to open an account in Wazirx? Well let me tell you it's not a complicated process, all you need is your Aadhar card and PAN card and the process will be completed in just 24 hours and there you go you are all set to go with your login Id and password. So if you are opening an account with the video link provided below by us in Wazirx, you can rest assured that our team will be in your service to help with any problems that will come up during the KYC process, withdrawal, or deposit process until you do your first trade.

If you are opening an account with our link then guess what you will also get a 10% discount on all our products, isn’t this just great. The video also specifically talks about how to invest in cryptocurrency in India so for example, we can take Doge coins. So you want to take Doge coins but are not quite sure about the quantity, but you know you want to invest 500 so when you use the website you will get the idea of the quantity and vice-versa. So you would be wondering why Wazirx, is safe to invest in? Well, these questions are natural to come up. Let me assure you that Wazirx is a registered company and completed paperwork and well researched by our team. So do have your hands on buying cryptocurrency in India, it’s a new age era so we gotta keep up with the trend.

Thank you for watching and keep connecting with Cashparency.

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